Be still – courses and workshops

Our courses are suitable for any practitioners who are curious to cultivate greater awareness, presence, deepen their experience of yoga and meditation and enrich their understanding. We will be practicing in small groups , up to 9 participants. Everyone is welcome: people with no yoga or meditation experience, practitioners with injuries or other conditions. Just come as you are.
Course language: english and german.

Silvia Waring directed a yoga school and retreat center „Die Meierei“ in Schleswig Holstein, Germany for  the past 10 years. Silvia shares from 20 years of teaching yoga and meditation in an encouraging, undogmatic and competent way. Many trainings, workshops and retreats with the Himalaya Institut, Clive Sheridan, Emil Wendel, Lance Schuler, Yoga Arts Teacher Training in India have been inspiring, additionally buddist teachings of all traditions as well as health research knowledge shapes Silvias courses and retreats.

To partipiate it is essential to contact the teacher in advance and pre-book your spot. Whatsapp or sms please, thank you!
Please contact us for more information about the course:, +49 151 155 48488

NEW : Summer Classes

Yoga and meditation „The poetry of breath“
20. and 21.5.2023 @ 17.00-18.30  DKK 150,- / € 20,-

Meditation and mindfulness „Be your sound of silence“
23. and 25.5.2023 @ 11.00-12.30  DKK 150,- / € 20,-

Please, bring your own equipment, mat, bloc, blanket and warm clothing. Teaching language: english, german and very soon danish!

Everyone is welcome: come as you are.
Bookings via telephone or mail please.

Telephone  +45 52 24 23 12, +49 151 155 48488


„Inhale, exhale, repeat“

06. + 13. + 20. June 2023 @ 19.00-20.30h

We explore several tradtional meditation technics: buddhist walking meditation, yoga meditation, mindfulness meditation and cardiac coherence. Weather permitting, we will be practicing in our sheltered garden, in the studio or directly on the house beach. A gentle mindful yoga practice will help us to let go, relax and recharge. Each practitioner will receive individual support to enrich their practice with more joy, presence and sustainability. A treat for body and mind. No previous experience is needed for this class, suitable for all levels.
Cost: DKK 600,- / € 80,-


„Be your sound of silence“
24. June 2023 @ 11.00-14.00h

Mindfulness: take a deeper dive. We will explore traditional meditation and breath work.. Moving mindfully, we will indulge in yoga sequences that are inspired by Ashtanga Yoga and are grounded in classical Hatha Yoga. Observing with interest and curiositys we can allow ourselves to be who we truly are. Revealing a peaceful state of non-doing and acknowledging the natural currents of life. Each practitioner will receive individual support to enrich their practice with more joy, presence and sustainability.
Cost: DKK 450,- / € 60,-

Mindful and aware – for a strong and healthy back
22. July 2023 @ 9.00-15.30h

The seminar is held by Sabine Gosch, senior physical therapist for adults and children. Sabine is working in a health center in Schleswig Holstein and for Landesvereinigung für Gesundheitsförderung in Kiel.
Sabine shows how to start the day happy and healthy through movements, how to sit, bend and carry- and how not to.
Anatomie of our spine, awareness and mindfulness training and more…Places are limited to 8 partipiants.
For more information and to reserve your place, please contact Sabine on:
Cost DKK 670,- / € 90,-


1:1, 1:2: 60 minutes. Cost: DKK 600,- / € 80,-

Your pace: Yoga and Meditation, a healing practice.

Opening hours: We open 15 min. before a yoga class or workshop.